Remote Recording Sessions

I've been lucky enough to record at many of the best studios in Southern California, Nashville and New York over the last decade and a half; but in today's market, workflow, schedules and budgets don't always allow for it. 

I've been doing remote sessions from my space for the past 4 years, and I love how it allows me to work with people I sometimes wouldn't be able to otherwise. My rates are super reasonable, and I think the quality of performances I capture are as good as anyones. 

A quick run down of my gear...

Logic X
UAD Apollo 8D 
UAD Apollo 4710 
Aphex 107 
DBX 160x 

Mic setup
(I can accomidate whatever the engineer wants, this is just my go-to setup) 
D112 or Beta 52 - kick in 
JM47 - kick out 
Beyer m201 - snare top 
SM57 - snare bottom 
N/D468 - toms 
SM81 - hihat 
Coles 4038 - overhead pair
GT 56 - room pair
EV664 - trash mic  

Tama Star Walnut 
WFL/Ludwig 1960's
Gretsch Round Badge

Snare drums
14x7 AK/Craviotto Bronze
14x7 Qdrum Aluminum
14x6.5 1920's Ludwig Nickel over brass
14x6.5 Canopus Steel
14x6.5 Ludwig copperphonic
14x6.5 Tama Kenny Arronaff 
14x5 Ludwig COB 1950's supraphonic
14x6.5 Tama Star Walnut
14x6.5 1930's Gretsch 
14x7 Noble & Cooley solid Tulip
14x6 Noble & Cooley Walnut  
14x5 Noble & Cooley Oak 
14x4 Noble & Cooley solid Maple 

Nord Drum 2 through many many many guitar pedals 
All the percussion you've ever need for a track 
Dozens of Istanbul Agop cymbals, appropriate for any style 

Email me via the contact page for a quote, I'd love to work with you on your next project!